Eric Dobmeier photo

Eric Dobmeier
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Frohlich photo

Tom Frohlich
Chief Business Officer

Alan Glicklich photo

Alan Glicklich, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Kirk Shumacher photo

Kirk Schumacher
SVP and General Counsel

Andrew King photo

Andrew King, DVM, PhD
Head of Renal Discovery and Translational Medicine

Renata Oballa photo

Renata Oballa, PhD
VP, Chemistry


Tom Swallow photo

Tom Swallow
VP, Finance

Valerie Fauvelle photo

Valerie Fauvelle
VP, Regulatory Affairs

Dave Powell photo

David Powell, PhD
Executive Director, Chemistry

Ram Ramachandran photo

C. Ramachandran, PhD
Executive Director, Biology

Allison Gaw photo

Allison Gaw
Executive Director, Business and Corporate Development

Natalie Masterson photo

Natalie Masterton
Executive Director, Clinical Development Operations

Daniel Watson photo

Daniel Watson, PhD
Executive Director, CMC

Sandy Lewis photo

Sandy Lewis, MS
Executive Director, Biometrics

Jen Cox photo

Jennifer Cox, PhD
Director, Biology

Vincent Tong photo

Vincent Tong, PhD
Director, DMPK and Non-Clinical Development

Paige Ellison photo

Paige Ellison
Director, Clinical Operations

Meagan Meyers-Hummel photo

Meagan Meyers-Hummel
Director, Clinical Trial Management

Kirstin Jansen photo

Kirstin Jansen
Director, Program Management

Wakana Kim photo

Wakana Kim
Director, Data Management

Ramtin Jamshidi photo

Ramtin Jamshidi

Jerlyn Tolentino photo

Jerlyn Tolentino
Associate Director, Clinical Operations

Christina Walker photo

Christina Walker
Associate, Director CMC

Xiaowei Teng photo

Xiaowei Teng, PhD
Principal Scientist, DMPK

Bob Gomez photo

Bob Gomez
Assistant Director, Chemistry

Nicolette Honson photo

Nicolette Honson, PhD
Senior Manager, Business Development

Toa Sheng photo

Tao Sheng, MSc
Scientist II

Jayakumar Surendradoss photo

Jayakumar Surendradoss, PhD
Scientist II

Jim Ding photo

Jim Ding, PhD
Scientist II

Joyce Wu photo

Joyce Wu, MSc
Scientist I

Jeff Lester photo

Jeff Lester, MSc
Research Associate II

Marvin Gunawan photo

Marvin Gunawan, MSc
Research Associate II

Oliver Chong photo

Oliver Chong
Research Associate I

Charles Nieh photo

Charles Nieh
Research Technician II

Chan Oeurn photo

Chan Oeurn
Accounts Payable Specialist

Tia Sanat photo

Tia Sanat
Administrative Assistant II

Leanne Luu photo

Leanne Luu
Administrative Assistant

Tanaya Caim photo

Tanaya Caim
Senior Executive Assistant


Board of Directors

Jerel Davis
Managing Director, Versant

Paul Eisenberg
Venture Partner, CMO,
Apple Tree Partners

Srini Akkaraju
Managing GP, Samsara Biocapital

Preston Klassen
CEO, Metacrine

Jeremy Caldwell
CEO, Inception Therapeutics

Eric Dobmeier
CEO, Chinook Therapeutics

Scientific Advisory Board

Benjamin Humphreys, MD, PhD
Chief of the Division of Nephrology at Washington University‚Äč

Michael Caplan, MD, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology, C.N.H Long Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and Chair, Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University‚Äč

Benjamin Freedman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of Nephrology at University of Washington

Peter Harris, MD, PhD
Associate Director of the Translational Polycystic Kidney Disease Institute at Mayo Clinic

Ross Holmes, PhD
Professor, Department of Urology at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

John Knight, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Urology at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

W. Todd Lowther, PhD
Professor, Biochemistry at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Michal Mrug, MD
Professor of Medicine at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and Director of the Therapeutics Screening and Drug Development Resource (Core D) at the Hepatorenal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center; also Chair of the PKD Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee

Vicente Torres, MD, PhD
Director of the Translational Polycystic Kidney Disease Institute at Mayo Clinic

Darren Wallace, PhD
Associate Director of the Kansas PKD Research and Translation Core Center, and Director of the PKD Biomarkers and Biomaterials Core at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Thomas Weimbs, PhD
Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of California Santa Barbara