Developing precision medicines for kidney disease

Chinook Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing precision medicines for kidney diseases.

Kidney diseases are a severe and growing problem worldwide, with a lack of effective treatments often leading to dialysis, transplantation and high costs to health care systems. In the U.S. alone, kidney diseases affect an estimated 37 million people and account for over $100 billion in annual costs.

Drug development in kidney diseases is experiencing a resurgence due to greater understanding of disease biology, utilization of novel translational platforms and patient stratification tools, and emergence of accelerated regulatory pathways based on surrogate endpoints. These dynamics converge to create very attractive opportunities for Chinook to develop a portfolio of precision medicines for kidney diseases.

At Chinook, we are applying our proprietary discovery platform, which leverages single cell RNA sequencing, human-derived organoids and new translational models, to discover and develop therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action against key kidney disease pathways. We are focused on rare, severe disorders with defined and rapid clinical development opportunities.

Our Team

Chinook is anchored by our highly experienced drug discovery team.

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Advancing a pipeline of precision medicines for kidney disease

Our lead pipeline candidates are being developed for rare, severe kidney disorders with few currently approved therapies.


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August 22, 2019

Chinook Therapeutics Raises $65 Million Series A Financing to Advance Precision Medicines for Kidney Diseases

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